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Information & VAT

Thank you for choosing ROLLITEX.
We have spent much time ensuring that we produce the best product on the market and are constantly looking to improve and bring the same mainstream premium brand and designer choice to wheelchair users.

We have years of experience with our products and encourage you to seek our help if you are unsure on any issue, like "Which cut should I choose?" or "Can you help explain the sizing, please?" or "So much choice, where do I start...?!"

Rollitex are the best quality & designed jeans for wheelchair users. We use the same fabrics & factories as some of the top premium brand jeans, so you enjoy contemporary & mainstream fashion. We defy you to tell the difference between our wheelchair jeans and mainstream ones when worn. However, they are designed with a number of signifcant practical design features which you'll love. 

VAT Relief

Unfortunately the rules for VAT Exemption in Germany are different to the UK and there is no VAT exemption for people with disabilities in the same way. Whilst the website is optimised for UK and international customers, Rollitex is still a German company operating in Berlin. Therefore, we have to calculate the VAT at the German rate of 19%. But don't worry, we have kept our prices as low as possible, whilst constantly striving to achieve the same premium brand manufacturing like Pepe, Diesel, True Religion and others, so you can be sure you are buying a top quality product. And have a look at the Special Offers section, as there are plenty of discounted products.

For those shopping outside of the EU, there is no VAT (sales tax) to pay. If you are registered and are shopping when logged in, you will automatically be shown prices without the VAT and VAT will not be payable at checkout.

What makes Wheelchair Jeans different to normal jeans?

Good question, and we're pleased you asked. Ask most wheelchair users what bugs the hell out of them about their jeans, and these are the things that Rollitex have solved:

  • Grade 5 coated metal zip - 2 sizes larger than normal - facilitates unaided use for people with restricted hand function
  • An eyelet in the zip allows addition of a ring & further enables own use by tetraplegics
  • A longer zip makes access to catheterize easier while seated
  • Tougher & better designed fastener that does not easily break or tear the fabric when being assisted on transfers or given a pressure lift from the waistband
  • Front belt loops closer to the fastener enable tetraplegics to fasten their own jeans, and maximise limited hand movement
  • Strong nylon threads fasten belt loops to the jeans so they do not come off or tear when used as transfer aids
  • Cut for wheelchair use: longer leg & longer at the back for a better look and greater comfort. A better fit stops trousers falling down when you transfer
  • NO pockets, studs or poppers at the back minimises risk of skin and pressure issues
  • Seams sown side to side at the back - not one on another - reduce risk of skin and pressure issues
  • Mainstream fashion, wheelchair jeans

Try a pair. Like so many customers, you'll most likely be back for more. And for greater confidence, read our Returns Policy

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