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PLEASE NOTE: The system is a German one, so please do NOT be caught out: for example, our size 44 is NOT a 44"W.
Take your waist measurement in centimeters (you can convert from inches if in the UK and USA or Canada) and read off the size guide chart to get your Rollitex size.

 The most important aspect to note is that half of our female customers buy the women's jeans and the other half prefer and buy the mens (or unisex) jeans. Women shop differently to men and it's quite normal for new women customers to order a whole batch of jeans to try on and then return most of what doesn't work and know what size and fit does work moving forward.

 The only real differences between the men's and the women's jeans are:

1) the way the sizes are structured (i.e. a women's 42 and men's 42 are NOT the same). Please refer to the size charts.

2) the difference in the height at the back. Both have an 8 but women have a 10 and men have a 12.

3) the jeans fasten in the opposite way - i.e. men's fasten left over right and women's fasten right over left. 

 Essentially, measuring in your wheelchair is notoriously difficult so I usually recommend that new customers take the waist size of a comfortable, well-fitting pair of mainstream trousers and add one size. Because our jeans and trousers are cut higher at the back for optimum fit while sitting, this makes the waist band a little longer and so the extra size usually works well when ordering.

We have two fits for women:

1) slimmer fit -8s (this is not a skinny fit) straight leg cut with the height of the back 8cms higher than mainstream jeans, and

2) regular fit -10s, straight leg cut.

5. Our jeans and trousers are cut long (at 92cm / 36" for women's jeans) - as our customers range from amputees to 6'6". They are sent out hemmed and professionally finished and can be altered, at a small cost, before dispatch. Though please note you need to be absolutely sure of your measurements and that the jeans fit properly, because once cut, items cannot be exchanged or refunded. Hence we strongly, STRONGLY discourage doing any alterations on a first order.

I hope this helps. Any questions, please ask.


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