High quality Gloves

Wheelchair users' hands are exposed to constant friction, meaning calluses, blisters or other signs of wear and tear can quickly appear. But with the right wheelchair gloves you are excellently equipped for everyday life. Gloves for wheelchair users are characterized by high abrasion resistance. At the same time, they should of course ensure a good grip. We present you wheelchair gloves in various designs. They differ in their shape and material. See for yourself and discover the wide range at Rollitex!

Premium quality gloves for wheelchair users

Our wheelchair gloves are made of high quality leather. The material is extremely abrasion-resistant and becomes softer and more supple over time. It adapts perfectly to the wearer and therefore offers a high level of comfort. Leather is also very easy to care for. Some wheelchair gloves feature a synthetic upper that offers breathability. All of our models come with padding that gives the ball of the hand even more protection. Some gloves also have a terry cloth thumb for wiping away sweat. All models are first-class workmanship and have particularly robust seams.


Fingerless & Half Finger Wheelchair Gloves

Especially in summer, you may not want to cover your entire hands. So that you don't sweat unnecessarily in the hot season and at the same time can get your wheelchair moving smoothly and safely, we offer you sophisticated fingerless gloves for wheelchair users. These only have half a finger on the thumb. They cover the heel of the hand but leave much of the back of the hand exposed. This means your hand will be well ventilated for the most part. Our half-finger wheelchair gloves are a good choice for the transitional period in spring and autumn. They fit perfectly and also cover the back of the hand, but leave most of the fingers free.

Gloves for wheelchair users

Of course, we also offer completely closed models. These are ideal for cold days in autumn and winter. They have an anatomical shape and are made of a slightly elastic material that adapts even better to the hands.

Order wheelchair gloves online

We specialize in selling clothing and accessories for wheelchair users. Simply choose the right wheelchair gloves and add them to your shopping cart with a click. We will deliver these quickly to your home and will be happy to answer your questions by phone if you have any questions. This means you don't have to miss out on good advice despite buying online. If the glove you order from us does not fit properly, you are welcome to send it back and exchange it for another one.

Get in touch now and order gloves for wheelchair users from the comfort of your own home!

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