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VAT Relief

Unfortunately the rules for VAT Exemption in Germany are different to the UK and there is no VAT exemption for people with disabilities in the same way. Whilst the website is optimised for UK and international customers, Rollitex is still a German company operating in Berlin. Therefore, we have to calculate the VAT at the actual German rate. But don't worry, we have kept our prices as low as possible, whilst constantly striving to achieve the same premium brand manufacturing like Pepe, Diesel, True Religion and others, so you can be sure you are buying a top quality product. And have a look at the Special Offers section, as there are plenty of discounted products.

For customers outside of Europe, the VAT will be deducted before you pay. If you are registered and logged in, the prices shown already have the VAT deducted. 

All orders incur a shipping fee.